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The first part of the clip is set in an exterior location on a city bridge with a backdrop of tall buildings looking large and urban. In the majority of the exterior frames the couple look small and insignificant.

The second scene is in Alice's apartment (interior) and is very quiet. Alice's furniture is functional and her colour scheme is bland; she looks like all of her ornaments and personal touches aren't actually personal and are there for profession reasons. Her apartment doesn't seem like a stereotypical woman's apartment as it is very sparse and doesn't contain stereotypical girlie things like heart-shaped photo frames, colours etc.

Props and objects:
Alice's apartment has a very masculine theme and contains lots of scientific props similar to what a professor would have. She has a telescope on the balcony of her apartment implying that she is a voyeur type of person, and then the audience is shown her black hole in her apartment which again links with a scientific personality.

Both characters have professional work clothing on and are in dark colours, along with neat, practical hairstyles and Alice is wearing makeup and is wearing heels. Both characters look presentable and as though they are ready for business.

The characters are presented as the opposing stereotypes. The tall male is intimidated by the small female, shown by him flinching at her touch and doesn't get 'the last touch' when the say goodbye. Alice also talks in hushed tones for the effect of people having to listen closely to hear her properly making her seem more powerful than Luther.

A lot of two shots are used in this clip to show the characters relationships with one another. Also over the shoulder shots are used to show them conversing.

Skins- Tony and Tony's room

Setting/ location:
The setting of the first few minutes of Skins: Season 01 Episode 01- Tony is in Tony's house,focusing on Tony's bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.
Tony's room is very tidy and sparse, which is not like a stereotypical teenage boy's room; he has a few posters: 81/2 Federico Fellini and Blow Up as well as a calendar. He functional furniture and his wardrobe/ clothes storage is set out similar to that of a high end shop. The colour scheme of his room is also very bland and he wakes up in the middle of pristine bed sheets with naked bodies printed either side of him.

This immediately hints that Tony may have OCD as he has everything in a particular place and as the scene goes on, he is shown to have a specific morning routine to start the day. The half lit face in the image above could suggest Tony has two sides to him and perhaps is bisexual seeing as he is lying between a male and female body.

Props/ objects:
Other than Tony's interesting bed sheets, there are only a few other props that indicate something about his personality. Before Tony actually puts his clothes on to wear, he places them over his body for an initial approval before wearing them outside. He is also seen sitting on the toiler reading a sophisticated book 'Nausea' by Jean Paul Sartre, indicating that Tony is intellectual. 


Tony's costume consists of a red tshirt, black sweater, beige chinos and white trainers (as mostly seen above). Tony's clothes aren't necessarily fashionable, but he pulls off his own style which makes him stand out from the crowd and seem more interesting. Tony also has a low maintenance hairdo and a well kept body. 

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