Thursday, 26 November 2015

Why have a British film industry?

The BBFC- An independent, non-governmental body which classifies and censors film, video as well as computer and console-based games released in the UK

BFI- Promotes understanding and appreciation of Britain's rich film and television heritage and culture.

British Council- The official UK agency for international cultural relations. Its film department promotes new British films (features and shorts), internationally, principally through festivals and showcases.

UK film council- Government backed and lead agency for film in the uk ensuring that economic, cultural and education aspects of film are effectively represented at home and abroad

British Academy Arts- Aims to support develop and promote the art form of the moving image

Films made by the main British film companies

  • Film 4- Ex Machina
  • Momentum Pictures- The King's Speech
  • Working Title- Les Miserables 
  • BBC Film Network- Open Skies
  • Pathe- Slumdog Millionaire
Most dominating UK film industry is Momentum

Do these films qualify as British? 
18+/35= Yes

Ex Machina- at least 30/35

The Avengers Age of Ultron- at least 20/35

Star Wars the Force Awakens-  18/35


  • Have a British director
  • Have a British producer
  • A predominately British cast
  • A British production company
  • A subject matter that informs on British experience
  • British identity defined by the BFI

How do British films attract an audience?

Usually British films have British themes and therefore will attract British citizens to the cultural and historical interest in the country.
British films add diversity to the industry when compared to American blockbusters which aren't necessarily made with intricate detail.   
Also, British films use innovative ways of marketing instead of mainstream TV adverts and posters which adds more kudos.

I think perhaps Aficionados went to see Ex Machina, Suffragette, The Inbetweeners 2, Macbeth, Attack the Block and Far from the Madding Crowd because they are all differ in genre, EG. Ex Machina is a Sci-Fi film and The Inbetweeners 2 is a comedy.
Other categories which may have seen the films are 'Mainstream' and 'Mainstream plus' as they will view popular films and the films listed are well known.

So, why have a British film industry?

Having a British film industry adds diversity to the motion pictures being watched around the world and also gives British citizens a chance for work in the industry, whether it be acting, directing, set design etc. The British film industry also seems to do well on profit and adds friendly competition to the American film industry when it comes to awards.

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