Friday, 22 April 2016

Digital Distribution

Why does Steve McQueen think digital is replacing film?
They're making money out of it
Which studio was first to announce that it would no longer make films using 'film'?
Paramount Pictures
What was the last 'film' to be shipped on 'film'?
Anchorman 2
What proportion of US cinemas have made the switch from 35mm to digital?
9/10 US cinemas
What was the first 'major' film to be distributed in digital format only?
The Wolf of Wall Street
What is the average cost of a digital projector?
Between $60,000 and $150,000 each
Why has the switch to digital meant that small independent cinemas have struggled?
Because they cannot afford digital projectors
Which major Hollywood director has attempted to make a stand for digital film?
Quinten Tarantino
How much did the US box office make in 2014?
$11 bil
How much did the home entertainment market (DVD, BluRay, Download etc) in 2014?
$18 bil
What was the increase in home entertainment revenue due to?
Fast food and soft drink sales
What was the first film to be shot entirely on digital?
Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
What would have been the cost of shooting that film on digital?
How much does it cost to produce and ship a film to a US cinema?
$1,500 to ship and print
What is the distribution benefit of digital?
It can be screened simultaneously across the planet due to its format
What happened to 'film' prints of Titanic?
They fell apart in the projectors
What has happened to the number of films made by Hollywood between 2006-2013?
The number of films made by Hollywood has fallen considerably – by 40 per cent between 2006 and 2013 because Independent film-makers still need rich patrons 
Why, according to Jan-Christoph Horak, is digital NOT immortal?
"There is no physical carrier on which you can put digital information that will last anywhere near as long as the analogue alternative.”
Why is advancing technology also a problem for digital storage?
The perishability of the physical equipment and that every 18 months or so, a new file format comes along to displace its predecessors and, as a result of this constant upgrade cycle, archivists face a kind of Sisyphean dilemma
How much,  according to Jan-Christoph Horak, could transferring one form of digital to another cost the film industry?
$10,000 and $20,000 per film
How much did the camera used on The Avengers cost?
Apart from cost, what other benefits does digital offer to film makers?
Digital cameras can breed indiscipline on a film set. A flurry of ten or 20 won’t cost much more
How much has technicolour invested in digital post production?
They have invested more than $200m in digital post-production and visual effects facilities, including nine digital scanners that cost more than $1m each and are part of Technicolor’s “digital intermediate” process.
What is a DCP?
Digital Cinema Package. It involves a hard drive, roughly the size of a paperback, which is couriered to the theatre, where it is unpacked from its protective foam-lined case and slotted into a server that feeds a digital projector
What is the Electric Dusk drive-in?
It shows films on DVD

1. Sumarise the answers above into a 50 word explanation of the positive impact of digital distribution.
Digital distribution has allowed films to be streamed all over the globe. This is not only efficient, but also cheaper and more likely for a film to be found due to prints not getting lost like some of the older films. 

2. Sumarise the answers above into a 50 word explanation of the negative impact of digital distribution
The technology is constantly changing which means that it can be difficult to keep up to date. Also, the products can be deleted with one press of a button because they aren't in a physical form.

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