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Camera shots, angle and movement

Camera shots, angle and movement

Camera Shots, Angle, Movement, Composition

  • Shots: establishing shot, master shot, close-up, mid-shot, long shot, wide shot, two-shot, aerial shot, point of view shot, over the shoulder shot, and variations of these.
  • Angle: high angle, low angle, canted angle.
  • Movement: pan, tilt, track, dolly, crane, steadicam, hand-held, zoom, reverse zoom.
  • Composition: framing, rule of thirds, depth of field – deep and shallow focus, focus pulls.

Includes transition of image and sound – continuity and non-continuity systems.
  • Cutting: shot/reverse shot, eyeline match, graphic match, action match, jump cut, crosscutting, parallel editing, cutaway; insert.
  • Other transitions, dissolve, fade-in, fade-out, wipe, superimposition, long take, short take, slow motion, ellipsis and expansion of time, post-production, visual effects.
  • Soundtrack: score, incidental music, themes and stings, ambient sound.
  • Diegetic and non-diegetic sound; synchronous/asynchronous sound; sound effects; sound motif, sound bridge, dialogue, voiceover, mode of address/direct address, sound mixing, sound perspective.
  • Production design: location, studio, set design, costume and make-up, properties.
  • Lighting; colour design.

You need to understand how the technical elements (in the last post) create specific representations of individuals, groups, events or places and help to articulate specific messages and values that have social significance. 

Particular areas of representation that may be chosen are:
  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Ethnicity
  4. Sexuality
  5. Class and status
  6. Physical ability/disability
  7. Regional identity

This shot is an over the shoulder shot on Jason, over Alison's shoulder.

This shot is a high angle shot on Mona, supposedly dead in a car boot.

This shot is a low angle shot, taken from near the floor, looking up at the girls.

This shot is an establishing shot of Maya's murder scene.

This shot is a long shot of Hanna and Ted where they are seen head to toe by the audience.

This shot is a mid shot where we see Spencer from the waist up.

This shot is a two shot where the characters are both in the frame and we see their interaction.
This shot is a close up where we see the character's head and shoulders, focusing on their speech and facial expression with very little background.

This shot is a close up of Ali, followed by a point of view shot of the photo in her hand.

This shot is an extreme close up of Hanna, Spencer and Cece where we can see their faces very clearly as they are extremely close to the camera.


This movement is a tracking shot, zoning in on Alison's face when news is broken to her.

This movement is a crab shot of the Black Swan walking away from the prom scene, as though she is leading the way.

This movement is a tilt shot of Hanna's body; the camera pans up and down her dress.

This movement is a zoom, moving into the characters on the screen as they kiss.

This movement is an arc shot, circling around Shana.

This movement is a crane shot showing the characters down below the crane in which the camera is held on.

This movement is a pan left to right between the girls, showing a conversation.

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