Sunday, 27 September 2015

My Representation

What group(s) do you belong to?
I think I fit into the Aspirant and Mainstream tribes.

Well, I'm not going to lie, I listen to Capital FM every morning while getting into my Jack Wills attire. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a 'fangirl' but no Instagram post put up by Sam Smith goes unliked (I also managed to get a photo with his band after a gig).

Now, I do have pretty much all social media accounts, but I don't actually use them properly. 'Tumblr kids' is a trait of an Aspirant tribe, and I do have a tumblr blog, however I just use it for mindless entertainment when I can't sleep at night. Even so, I would include myself as a Tumblr Kid because the website is a nightmare to figure out and I spend hours at a time reblogging silly puns.

What media figures do you identify with?
I'd say I identify with Sam Smith. He is a sensitive person, loves to be with his family and once determined to accomplish something, he never looks back (eg. his music career and his weight loss). Sam Smith is also a LBGT+ advocate, which I too fully support, and can dress up as effortlessly as he dresses down which is a trait I possess.  

Do you consciously model yourself on any media figures?

I'd say a lot of my image comes from Tori Kelly (singer) as she dresses quite modestly and has a similar body shape to me. 
For the 2015 VMA's, she pulled off a stunning playsuit which is similar to one I wore to prom. I wish my hair was like hers but its unfortunately very thin and not full of volume so outfit similarities will have to do! 

I'd also like to thank pop/punk princess Avril Lavigne for my converse obsession, currently on 8 pairs... But they're comfy so who's complaining? The 'Avril Lavigne phase' every young girl goes through lasted about 6 years for me, but I've grown out of the studs, the pink skull and crossbones and the wild hair dye now, although the converse aren't going away that easily!

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